Jocelyn A. Dungca

Meet Jocelyn

Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Jocelyn began sewing at just the young age of nine. Growing up in a home full of fabric and sewing machines with her mother as her teacher and mentor, she was the only daughter out of six who took a liking to her mother’s profession. Home was where Jocelyn began sewing more extensively on detailed fabrics like lace, silk, and satin. She watched what her mother was able to do with all of those fabrics, transforming measurements on patterns and pieces of fabric into a masterpiece. It was at this time that Jocelyn asked her mother to teach her how to sew and she began drawing and sketching the dresses of her dreams for herself.

Growing up in a home with nine other siblings did not leave much room in the family budget for fancy new dresses so whenever she saw a dress in a storefront window or one that someone was wearing that she liked, she always made sure to sketch the design in her notebook. She would then begin measuring herself so she could make her own patterns and sew her own dresses.

Beginning her career in the US in 1983, it wasn’t until 1987 that she made her very first custom wedding gown for a friend and from then on, it was a long road of simple alterations and reweaving moth holes to make ends meet. All the while, creating wedding gowns being her true passion which she continued to pursue in the background for years until a special creation for her goddaughter in 2006 pushed her to bring her dreams into the foreground. Nearly a decade later, Jocelyn finally decided it was time to open her own bridal studio, fulfilling the dreams of that once nine year old girl.