Jocelyn A. Dungca

11 - Maia L.

Jocelyn Dungca

Jocelyn is amazing!! She tailored my wedding dress for me beautifully when I brought it to her last minute. Not only did she hem and fit it for me but she replaced the overskirt which he been damaged as well as many of the rhinestones/beads and even altered the back so that it was easy for my mother and my sister to get me into it. (No more 8 different ties to fasten, Jocelyn gave it plenty of easy hooks spaced right so hat it didn't gap).

She was so friendly and sweet every time I went in and I felt really relieved to be able to trust that she would do everything right. It honestly felt like she took away most of my stress in preparing for the wedding by being so obviously careful and calm.

She also has lots of gorgeous wedding dresses hanging up that she has made herself. She makes her own patterns and sees them right there in the shop. She is so talented and inspiring! I'm so glad I went to her!

Maia L. | YACHATS, OR.

10 - Grayse L.

Jocelyn Dungca

Jocelyn is AMAZING!!! Hands down, the BEST decision I could have made for my wedding dress.

1. EXTREMELY TALENTED stitch skills. She took my dress down from a size 10 to a size 0...and it was PERFECT. I wanted sleeves to be added, but was not sure if it was possible because of the complicated nature of my dress. Jocelyn made it happen, and it looked flawless. I had a second dress for my reception that was completely ruined by a dry cleaning company, and I brought it to Jocelyn in tears. Let me tell you, this second dress was a delicate silk organza with ruching all throughout the torso, plus silk organza flower detailing. It was not an easy dress to fix...But Jocelyn went beyond expectation and the dress was GORGEOUS. It actually looked BETTER than the original as crazy as that sounds, because she altered it to fit my body so perfectly. She brought it back to life with her magic hands! 

2. SHE CARES. She really cared about my vision and style preferences. She makes well thought out suggestions, and many times she knew what I wanted even before I said it! I don't know ANYTHING about alterations, so I really depended on her. And she gave me honest answers I could trust. She tries to get to know her clients and how the dress would fit them best. 

Weddings can be stressful, but Jocelyn's design studio is a stress-free zone because she will take care of you and your dress. Absolute sweetheart with a loving soul. I was so blessed to have met her and worked with her. Thank you so very much Jocelyn.

Grayse L. | LOS ANGELES, CA.

9 - Portia T.

Jocelyn Dungca

Jocelyn is truly one of the best!! This is truly her passion and it completely shows. Not only is she professional, has great quality of work and takes her designs/alterations very seriously. She had designed my wedding dress from pictures of other wedding dresses that I liked, but made my vision even better than what I had expected! She's very easy to work with and will do her best to make sure you walk away satisfied. Plus she's really helpful in giving her opinion (if you ask) if you're indecisive like I was about her cuts of my dress. If you're having doubts or not too sure, just give her try. You won't regret it!

Thanks Jocelyn for allowing me trust you with your work, kindness and making me feel comfortable!

Portia T. | GARDENA, CA.

8 - Mary A.

Jocelyn Dungca

Where do I start?! First, like most brides I was completely overwhelmed trying to find the perfect gown within my budget. It got super blessed when I got word that ML was having a sample sale in DTLA. When I got to the sample sale it was chaos. I had no idea what gowns to try on and what to look for. Then Jocelyn showed up and took the time to help me find the perfect gown, veil, and shoes. She showed me what alterations she could do and how the gown would best fit my body. 

Second, once I got the gown I knew I wanted  it altered by Jocelyn since she already worked with me at the sample sale. She was amazing at giving  her expert advice of what I should and shouldn't do. I felt 100% secure giving her my designer gown knowing she would alter it to fit my body to  what I envisioned.  

It meant the world to me when she began to ask me questions that I didn't think of, like how much dancing I would be doing, how many pictures I would be taking from the front and the back, and etc. She took care of every detail in mind to ensure that I felt and looked gorgeous on the big day. 

Finally, being petite I knew I would have to spend a good amount to alter my gown. To my huge surprise her prices were beyond reasonable  compared to what I've paid in the past for my other everyday dresses. 

In the end, I was thrilled with end result. She took in the beaded bodice, hemmed up the multiple layer skirt, added a belt, put in a bustle, and so much more. 

I would recommend any bride living in or around LA to work with Jocelyn to see their dream gown come to life


Testimonial 7

Jocelyn Dungca

Jocelyn is a queen. My friend needed her wedding dress fitted and I had a meh bridesmaids dress that I was also going to officiate in, we booked an appointment with Jocelyn because of her great yelp reviews. 

Off the rack my dress was too big, added weight in all the wrong areas, and in general just made me feel immature and was not great. Jocelyn transformed it into something dignified and lovely. 

She was so fun to hang out with, totally straightforward about pricing (extremely reasonable given her skill) and it was clear her main aim was to make the bride and I happy. She's honest about what's possible and your limitations given the material etc, but I honestly don't think there's anything she can't do. 

Just look at that before and after! Jocelyn MADE SLEEVES out of all the extra tulle that was making me look fatter. Gorgeous. My friend's wedding dress hung perfectly too, Jocelyn made it work with the bra she wanted to wear. Max comfort. Max glam. I wish I could hang out with Jocelyn every day. Stop looking you've found your dress tailor.


Testimonial 6

Jocelyn Dungca

There are no words to describe the sheer talent, sweetness and caring nature that emits from this amazing woman. She made me feel beautiful in my gown and I continue to get compliments of how my dresses were made for me. 

If you're a worried bride such as myself, micromanagement etc. etc., you don't need to worry with her. She's gotchu from the first time you meet her to the end. 

She charges one price. For that one price she took my dresses in, (she took one bride's dress from a 10 to a petite 0.. and it was glorious), made sleeves that looked like it originally was the style, took in 10 layers of tulle per dress, clinched my waist that was impeccably beaded (both my dresses were Monique L'huillier) with Chantilly lace, added cups, bustled (she used the beading on my wedding gown and made buttons so it would match! (7 points) for one price. Also, I had fittings every other month, so at least five visits with her. 

Her price is competitive priced, I think more so on the lower end for the things she did with my gown. 

ALSO, huge designer brands in the wedding game send their clients to her. I saw dresses from Pnina Tornai, Monique L'huillier, JLM, and Haley Paige. 

If you want someone who will deliver, she'll exceed your expectations and more. OH and it's not just bridal, she made my mother in law giddy like a school girl. Mind you, she's 68 and old school. 

She's amazing. You cannot get this level of skill and quality and customer service from just anyone. 

Thank you Tita for helping me choose my two gowns, my beautiful veil (OH YES SHE MADE ME A CUSTOM VEIL TO MATCH MY WEDDING DRESS AND IT WAS A HIT!!) and everything you've done! HI MJ! And she has a lovely daughter who is just as amazing.


Testimonial 5

Jocelyn Dungca

I am a travel nurse out in California until October so I had my unaltered dress from Alabama shipped to me. I contacted Jocelyn about altering my wedding dress in May for my July wedding. She immediately got me in and took amazing care of my dress! I came back for my fitting and I lost some weight so she took some more inches out, came back for my final fitting 2 days before I left to go back to Alabama and my dress was absolutely PERFECT! I cannot thank Jocelyn enough!

Morgan Leigh V. | MOBILE, AL.

Testimonial 4

Jocelyn Dungca

Jocelyn is amazing! I can't speak more highly of her work. 

I first found her via Yelp (thanks, Yelp & other Yelpers) & contacted her for a consultation. Getting your wedding gown altered is a huge deal so I wanted to shop around a little. I got my wedding gown from Glamour Closet, which has designer dresses at sample sale prices ...which also means sample sale sizes. My dress was probably at least 6 sizes too big on me, was missing a zipper, had beading that wasn't secure, had a small year & required a bustle. So, safe to say A LOT of work had to be done. I was prepared to pay a good amount for all the work that had to be done (but also didn't mind since the cost of the dress was relatively low for a designer dress). 

Met with Jocelyn early on -- 6 months prior to my wedding. The consult went extremely well! She told me all of the things that needed to be done, how she would do them, & answered any questions I (or my mother) had. She also instantly made us feel like family when we met! I pretty much knew immediately that I wanted Jocelyn to alter my dress, without even knowing the cost of it all. Speaking of cost, it came out to be around the price I was expecting, if not a little less! (& that's always a plus when you're planning a wedding). 

She informed me that she could make a veil for me as well. I had purchased one already when I got the dress (which was a little on the expensive side for what I got) so I wasn't planning on getting another. BUT, turns out the veil I got didn't even really cover my entire dress & was totally mismatched (completely my fault for not catching that). Anyway, Jocelyn ended up making me a veil that was EVEN BETTER than the one I originally got that was also cheaper!! (as in affordability, definitely not quality). Though I loved my dress, I almost wish Jocelyn made a custom gown for me for my wedding. 

Fast forward 3-4 months (my wedding was back in April 2018 & yes, this review is overdue) & I'm going back to Jocelyn to have a few tears on the bottom repaired from dancing the night of. I trust her completely! 

She will not disappoint & I found her prices to be reasonable as well. Thank you so much, Jocelyn!

Christina M. | LOS ANGELES, CA.

Testimonial 3

Jocelyn Dungca

Jocelyn saved me! The place where I originally got my wedding dress  contacted me before my first fitting to let me know that they were closing and needed me to pick up my dress. The dress didn't include any alterations or the modifications that we talked about when I selected my dress, with the exception of the change in applique on the dress. They did, however, provide me with the fabric and additional applique that I needed to modify my dress (the very least!), but my dress needed soooo much work with the fit and the additional changes I wanted to make with the modifications...I needed a designer and not "just a seamstress" I was really worried I wasn't going to find someone that would be able to make to make the alterations and customizations in 2 months!

I found Jocelyn on Yelp and she booked me an appointment immediately and I was so impressed by her eye! She's truly an expert. She pretty much redesigned my dress and added some touches to my modifications that I probably wouldn't have incorporated if I've stuck with the original seller. I had a total of 4 fittings and 1 in where I went to just to try on my dress after I had my hair trial (totally her idea and I can't thank her enough!) With the work it needed, I didn't think it was possible to have it done by my wedding. I have my dress ready for my wedding this Saturday November 3rd and I can't wait to wow everyone! My original seller closing was a blessing in disguised, she truly exceeded my vision. I do, however, wish I've gone with Jocelyn to begin with. She's got a great eye and has customized some beautiful gowns. I can't say enough about her, you will love her and her work!

Stephanie D. | LOS ANGELES, CA.

Testimonial 2

Jocelyn Dungca

Jocelyn is an absolute dream to work with! After ordering a dress that needed tons of alterations, I was left feeling a little defeated when the first seamstress quotes me $1600 for a dress I paid $1400 for. After shopping around for a few more quotes, Jocelyn came back with the best price and so I went to meet with her in person.

Right away I felt at ease after going to her studio. I could tell that she knew what she was doing and I felt like my dress was in competent hands. She quoted me a price and even though I changed what I wanted several times, she never charged me more or made me feel bad about the additional changes that I wanted.

I am so thankful for her!!! She made what started to become a stressful situation and handled all of my concerns and alterations beautifully. I could not be happier with the results and would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone that needs bridal dress alterations. 

I also found out later that Jocelyn also designs wedding dresses which is something I would have loved to do with her. If you are looking for an affordable, highly skilled seamstress, look no further - Jocelyn is your girl! 

Thank you Jocelyn from the bottom of my heart, you were truly Fantastic to work with and I will miss seeing you!

Cristina O. | REDONDO BEACH, CA.

Testimonial 1

Jocelyn Dungca

First of all I want to say that Jocelyn is an angel who turned my wedding dress into a size 2 from a size 14! Not only that but she was a saint who put up with me losing weight and changing my measurements to the last week before alterations. I am the pickiest girl when it comes to alterations and fittings. She exceeded my expectations.
On top of getting the job done, she was kind, thoughtful, compassionate and  was very understanding to a nervous bride. I definitely recommend her to any bride. She does amazing alterations but also her wedding dress collection is beautiful.

Rosalina A. | CORONADO, CA.